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What is the future of the pool?

(image: PCC)

Plymouth City Council have confirmed the future of the popular tidal pool in a post on Facebook:

They said:

We've been made aware of some worries about the future of Devil's Point Pool, so thought we'd clear a few things up.

Why would we want to destroy a pool that has been used for generations and helps young people learn to swim, forge long and lasting links with the sea and generally feel good about themselves and where they live?

Yes, this year we did things differently. A lot of things were different this year because of COVID-19.

Pools were closed as part of the lock down measures in March and were not allowed to reopen until July. As we were concentrating on our core services such as collecting rubbish and recycling and responding to fly tip reports, cleaning the pool did not happen.

As it’s a tidal pool it got filled with seaweed, stones, grit and sand and because of delays to the first clean of the season, a mini sea-bed formed in the pool.

The team removed the floating seaweed debris but left the seaweed growing round the edge and the molluscs. The steps were jet-washed to allow people to get in and out of the pool safely.

Subject to COVID restrictions, we will resume the usual cleaning operation - however we do have exciting plans for this pool and it’s future preservation is part of a bid we are submitting for grant funding. This will could include strengthening some of the deteriorating concrete.

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