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Welcome to Audioshift

It's a Saturday night in November and we are in a lovely little country pub in the village Ermington, Devon called The Crooked Spire. The setting is picturesque, the locals are accommodating and the cider is tasty. We are here, along with friends, to watch the debut gig of local band, Audioshift.

The band comprises of 5 members, Kane, Danny, Gareth, Dean and Chris. Having only been together a couple of months, tonight shows that time does not matter and that these talented guys have great potential.

The set list included the following along with many others;

Red Hot Chilli Peppers By The Way

Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly

Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

Green Day - Basket Case

Coldplay - Yellow

Locals, friends and loved ones gathered in support of the bands first public appearance and they were not disappointed. I had already heard good things via whispers by those who had been party to practices and soundchecks, so I was quite excited. Having already heard Gareth, Danny and Kane perform together as members of Rebel47, I knew how good they were and that this new formation would be just as good, if not better.

We were not disappointed. Chris' vocals really shone through in the second half as the band settled in. You could visibly see them becoming more comfortable and confident as each song was performed. The pub was filling more as the evening went on and a few lively fans took to the dancefloor. Audioshift came into their own and provided the audience with some very good music.

As time ticked on and it reached 11pm, the band still had 2 songs left to play. Knowing the rules, they left it up to the landlord on whether to call time or not. Luckily for us, he gave the green light to carry on. Thank you landlord!!

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a pretty darn good first performance by Audioshift.

You can catch them playing in 2 weeks at The Cornwood Inn, postcode PL219PU.

Check out their social media for more info;

Insta: @Audioshiftband

TikTok: Audioshiftband

Thanks guys for an awesome night.

Michelle Walsh

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