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Virgin Media Blackout

Sunday mornings tend to be for PJ's, coffee and browsing Social Media. But not today.

Virgin Media customers, especially Plymouth Argyle fans, are decidedly unhappy this morning. There has been a service blackout since around 10:40am, Sunday 7th May 2023.

As I was about to join the Janner Radio website for my daily dose, I was hit by the 'no internet connection' error. I relayed this to my other half, Jonathan who, apart from being Mr Piston Broke Show, is also a technical genius. As we both glared at the router, we could see the dreaded flashing lights of doom.

Thanks to the ever useless O2 service we receive in our house (and half of Plymouth), it took a while to actually connect to anything but when we did, it was evident that the whole Virgin Media website is also down.

When I finally managed to get online, I saw multiple posts of people complaining, from local community Facebook groups, to the comments section of Plymouth Live, which is always entertaining.

The locals anger is particularly vicious today because it is, of course, Plymouth Argyles important game against Port Vale. And it's being streamed.

Trying to find out any information from Virgin has been deemed fruitless and customers seem to have been told different stories such as it will be sorted by 3pm, by 7pm and even tomorrow. Some were apparently told that Virgin cannot find an issue despite 1000s of complaints.

Having managed to quickly browse the Plymouth Live story and comments section, it's quite clear that Virgin will be losing customers;

Sherrie-Ann Pearson said "Absolutely ridiculous bet no compensation will be given either"

Jessie Diana - "They need to sort it fast there's an important football game we all want

to watch"

Patrik Pierce - "Rapidly losing patience with them.

100% wouldn't be with them still if

there wasn't a freeview blackspot in

PL5 which they know about and


Hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly.

UPDATE as of 14:45:

UPDATE as of 16:15: All services in all areas seems to have been restored.

Michelle Walsh

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