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Trans-Rights: Equality In Plymouth

Update: 20th July @ 20:55

We spoke with Devon Radical Queer Network who organised the demonstration:

“We organised a protest against leaked plans about the reform of the gender recognition act. We felt it necessary to show solidarity with the trans community in Plymouth who have been made to feel forgotten by the government, and to show the government that there is resistance to their divisive policies. The demonstration was a great success in terms of turnout and engagement from the community, I hope we can carry on this momentum to build a stronger trans rights movement in Plymouth.”

Update: 18th July @ 15:47

Two people (wearing a green coat and black jacket) who also go by the name of "Justice UK" on Facebook joined by a tacky cardboard sign stating "Women Don't have D*cks" attempted to disrupt the peaceful demonstration being held by the trans and LGBT community in Plymouth.

Big Well-done to the police for their fast intervention and handling if the matter to avoid escalation of the peaceful demonstration.

Update: 18th July @15:10

(Image: Omnium Radio CIC)

(Image: Omnium Radio CIC)

People have flocked in their 100's to support the Trans-Rights demonstration taking place now outside the Plymouth Guildhall.

They have several local speakers of both trans and ali people

An ali is someone who is not someone of the LGBT community, but supports the rights for LGBT equality.

Original Article

Today from 3pm Plymouth will be hosting a Trans-Rights demonstration starting at the Plymouth City Center Guild Hall.

The demonstration is taking place to protest against changes being made to the Gender Recognition Act wihc would make identifying your self as either trans or non binory much more difficult.

The ability to change your registered gender with banks, utilities and other organisations could be compromised if the changes go ahead.

This also comes with great timing after a trans person, Davina, had her wig taken off her head in a public video that became viral a few weeks back, following an argument outside The New Market Tavern in Plymouth City Center.

The video in question is 50/50 on who is to blame, how ever the nasty transphobic comments from Plymouth locals that featured on social media is not acceptable: making the TransRights demonstration taking place today absolutely necessary!

We will be updating you with progress of the demonstration from 3pm.

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