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Theives steal cash till from fundraising shop in stonehouse

Omnium Radio CIC which helps people who live with additional needs and mental health recently opened a second hand shop called The Janner Shop on Manor Street in stonehouse in order to raise vital funds for the work they do within the community.

Today at 16:03 two men wearing baseball caps were seen on CCTV walking from Rendle Street, walk straight into the cash till, remove the till and proceed to remove it from the premises.

Quick thinking Managing Director Trace Jared-Davis proceeded to chase them down the road of which he was able to apprehend the men and retrieve the till after forcing the unknown male to release the till.

The two men then proceeded down Adilaide Street empty handed.

A lady from the big issue office and a passerby kindly helped Trace to collect all the coins that had fallen to the ground during the retrieval of the cash till.

Police were contacted and the two men are believed to have been arrested within 30 minutes of the event.

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