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Tavi Pride: Tavistocks first Pride festival

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Photo: Tavistock Pride

100's of people both local gathered in Tavistock as members of their local community hosted their very first #Pride festival, in celebration of visibility for people who are members of LGBT+ community.

The very first UK PRIDE took place on 1st July 1972 (marking 50 years of LGBT+ visibility within the UK) the pride parade in London took place following the Stonewall riots that took place on 28th June 1969 in Lower Manhattan NYC, and as news spread over the world ever since Pride parade and festivals have taken place in most cities, towns and villages, which now includes Tavistock.

Photo: Lesley Brown

Why do Pride festivals take place?

To ensure that we never repeat the traumatic persecution of the LGBT+ community that has happened throughout history.

Through out history the LGBT community was persecuted purely due to being themselves, laws were in place to torture member of LGBT+, It was legal to abuse people of LGBT+, men and woman would serve torturous terms in prison just for loving another person.

Police would batter people they suspected to be LGBT+ without evidence.

These are just some of the reasons that people in the local communities host Pride parades and festival.

Photo: Plymouth Dolphins R.F.C

Since the first ever Pride festival took place in London, the UK LGBT community has managed to achieve lots of human rights campaigns and some have so far been successful such as:

- Decriminalisation of same sex relationships

- Civil partnerships for Same-Sex couples

- Same Sex Marriage

- LGBT+ blood donation ban lifted

- LGBT+ military ban lifted

- LGBT + sports ban lifted

These are just some things achieved by holding Pride Festivals over the UK.

TaviPride was joined by the Plymouth Dolphins RFC who are Plymouth's LGBT+ inclusive rugby team. A team that would never have existed if it wasn't for Pride festivals and all the campaigners very hard work.

The event also held a traditional parade that took place from the park, along the scenic river bank and into the town square wear attendees were greeted by Morris dancers who put on an amazing show for everyone.

TaviPride with this being their very first time hosting a pride; despite the on/off raining most of the day, had a very good turn out and lots of laughter and smiles all around.

We cannot wait for what they have in store for next year festival.

WELL DONE TAVISTOCK for your amazing efforts this year.


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