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Plymouth's Hidden Railway

Tucked away behind the McDonalds in marshmills in Plympton you can find Plymouth's hidden railway club called Plym Valley Railway.

Plym Valley Railway holds host's to some quirky steam and diesel trains which you can travel on up and down the full-size railway track to Plym Bridge and back. A few of our presenters had the privilege of exploring not only the public platform, museum and café, but also a private tour of the work station and out of bounds areas that are due to be opened to the public very soon.

The Plym Valley Railway was founded in 1980 with an aim of restoring part of the ex-Great Western branch line from Plymouth to Tavistock that was closed in 1962. The first milestone, Marsh Mills to World’s End, was complete in September 2001.

The second milestone, Marsh Mills to Lee Moor Crossing was opened in May 2008 which allowed passengers to ride 3/4 mile of track along the Plym Valley.

On December 30th 2012 Plym Bridge Platform was opened to the public. This marked 50 years and a day since the line was closed, and also the completion of the laying of 1.5 miles of track. On selected days we run train services from Marsh Mills to Plym Bridge.

Marsh Mills is a heritage railway centre where we are preserving steam and diesel locomotives, carriages, wagons and other historic railway artefacts to recreate the atmosphere of a bygone age.

As you can see from the photo's above, Plym Velley Railway has soo much to explore for both enthusiast and non-enthusiasts, young or old, and what a better way to travel to Plym Bridge for just £6.00 (return) then on a vintage train, and whilst waiting for the train to arrive which leaves from Marsh Mills platform on the hour, you could also grab yourself a bite to eat or even a coffee in the platform café called 'The Buffet'

All the volunteers were very welcoming and knowledgeable about the station and it's features, and the club are very passionate about getting more members of any age and any ability. They hold a strong non-discrimination policy, and at just £12 per year membership we recommend getting involved.


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