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Notorious Anthony Fox has passed away

Some locals around Plymouth and especially Stonhouse may have noticed the past week has been different without the sound of two metal crutches rhythmically touching the ground and echoing through the Plymouth streets.

Anthony Fox Plymouth
Image : Plymouth LIVE

Memorials showing respect to the late Anthony Fox aged 62 have piled in in the form of comments on a Facebook post and Reddit post after it was announced about his death on the 3rd June.

It has not been made clear what the cause of death is.

Anthony was well known in and around Plymouth for being on the wrong side of the law with over 162 offences on his record and was well recognised by many for his scruffy appearance, one leg and the noise of his crutches as he travelled around the city center, usually begging, and upsetting the locals.

The comments on the facebook post and Reddit Post have been very mixed opinions on Anthony Fox.

My dog certainly won't miss the abuse he used to shout at her shen walking past our house daily

Such sad news, I went to school with him, he's had a hard life RIP

When I first moved to Plymouth, about seven years ago, he approached me asking if I had any spare change. I was on my way to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, in early recovery and at that time I didn't have a job and so only had a small amount of change on me, which was to put into the pot at the meeting but I gave him a pound and suggested he come to the meeting with me. He told me that it was too late for him to change, at that time he had already lost his leg and was on crutches. From that day on whenever I saw him in passing, he always said hello to me and never once asked me for money again. I understand, that to a lot of people they saw someone who was a pain in the ass, and rude and obnoxious, and he was but what I saw was a man who had been beaten by life, who's only care was about feeding his addiction, and who no longer had the ability to care about himself and if you can't care about yourself, you are hardly likely to care about anyone else. Whenever I read about him in the news, I always felt he was someone who deserved our pity rather than our scorn.
I legit had a cuppa tea & a hot sausage roll down at the white rabbit in the old bus station & had like an hour half chat with him while I waited for my bus, couldn’t of been nicer to me.

Let’s hope he finds some peace, from losing his leg under a bus as a child to growing up a addict he certainly didn’t have much of a life RIP

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