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New Plymouth Treasure: COVID didn't stop them!

It's the middle of March and with just weeks away from opening the pandemic has started and the deadline is postponed until further notice...

Luckily this new gem in Plymouth survived the lock down and opened it's door to the locals just weeks ago.

(Image: Tripadvisor)

Dunya Restaurant can be found on Derry's Cross round about in Plymouth City Centre.

Dunya restaurant showcases some of Turkey's finest and popular dishes.

With no expense spared, it's easy to share that the owners of the establishment have put in 1000% effort in ensuring this venue opened in style.

(Images: Trace Jared-Davis)

The interior of Dunya is to die for, with complimentary tones of dark & light tone layered effects through out the venue. Keeping rustic and trendy is the theme through out, even with in the toilet (which are well worth a visit) with the 3D effect mirror, almost resembling something from Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S!

Now to move onto the food...

All we can say is WOW! So after initially being turned away due to not having a booking, after doing a little shopping, on our way home, we decided we would pop in and try again to see if they had died down. We were in luck!

Greeted by a gentleman in some very funky trousers (keeping with the theme) he was very quick on making some table changes to fit us in.

(images: Trace Jared-Davis)

Despite having a full restaurant, the service was very relaxed and very timely, with amazing customer service.

The food came out with a very reasonable waiting time and piping hot.

The Turkish coffee was served in an elegant little gold styled espresso cup along with matching sugar tray.

Keep up with the great work, and well-done to adding to Plymouth's multi-culture and hospitality.

Take a look at their website

Have you visited Dunya yet? Let us know what your experience was, Comment below or email us direct on

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