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Mysterious wandering white cat reunited with owners

The mysterious white cat that took Facebook and locals in Devonport, & Stone house by force was spotted wandering the area over a period of 5 days, working its way along the area happily greeting the locals along its travels.

It was reported to have travelled from Devonport, through Devonport park, onto Stonehouse creek, through Millfield's (Old Naval Hospital) to then turn up in Union Street.

Some locals took to Facebook to find out who was missing a cat, one person was, hoe ever the eyes and ears did not match.

Eventually the cat took refuge in the Clipper Community Hub on Union Street, where the venue also put out a post to offer help to find the owner, after seeing that nobody in the local groups could identify the cat.

The post was then successful, the owner was found, it came to light that El Mystreo was actually called Whiskers and he was supposed to be in Looe.

His owners had been looking in Looe and the surrounding areas for him, evidently with no luck as he had somehow managed to get 22 miles away.

How did he manage to get from Looe to Plymouth, that part of the mystery still remains? He then hung out in The Clipper for the evening whilst we waited for his owners to travel from Looe to come and collect him.

In the meantime, a local animal welfare volunteer came along with a chip scanner to confirm the identity of the owner and the chip can came back with a match.

Situations like this is why we are thankful for modern technology; would the owner have been found before internet and chip scanners.

The law currently doesn't require cats to be chipped, unlike dogs, but this is a prime example of why you should get your cat chipped. Without the confirmation of ownership from the chip, the animal welfare officer would not have been able to hand the cat over without proof. But fortunately for whiskers and his owners, he was chipped and the couple were able to collect and take whiskers straight back home again.

An emotional reunion after being missing for a week, although wiskers was not happy about being in a carry cage.

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