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Murder accused Cody Ackland band members send out touching messege.

Cody Ackland who appeared in court and charged with the murder of Bobbi-Anne McLeod was the lead guitar member of local upcoming band Rakuda.

The band took to Facebook and Instagram to show their condolences for Bobbi-Anne's friend and family.

The post that was sent out by remaining band members Josh, Ross, Josh & Mike expressed their shock and disbelief at the situation that has occured over the past few days.

They state that their thoughts and prayers are with those effected.

Rakuda band then went on to say that the band would not be continuing on and with be splitting up as a mark of respect to Bobbi-Anne with what has been uncovered over the past few days from their member Cody Ackland.

They have also since removed all photos from their social media to be replaced with a single candle with the name Bobbi-Anne to show respect to the 18 year old who was found dead in Cornwall earlier this week.

Police confirmed Ackland was charged with murder on Friday and he is set to appear at Truro Crown Court on Monday

Here at Omnium Radio we respect the bands bravory to make a public statement and all out thoughts are also with all those effected.

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