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Lockdown Journey with DJ Aiken

My life in lockdown has not been pleasant. Day in, day out there’s not much to do while being home but I do see the light at the end of the lockdown. Shielding with learning difficulties is not easy, but we all need to follow the guidelines to help get us a step further to a non- isolating world.

What I have taken from all of the lockdowns doom and gloom are the new things I'm trying like baking, chores, cooking, walks and shopping. I really do make the most of my time while there's nothing to do. I have also been going to my parents driving range to sort through all the things in there, including mine to help save towards buying a Liverpool shirt.

(which I now have!)


My diary of lockdown 2.0


November 2020

Today I had a walk around central park, had a shower and listened to music. After me and my friends had some video calls which was really nice. People with learning disabilities don’t like to be stuck indoors because we are all social butterflies, and nobody can take that away from us. We can stop the spread of the virus, but our lives will continue even if it’s virtually for now.

As a DJ at Omnium radio station, I revamped some scripts and sorted out tomorrow’s plans. I went down to the café before I did my show which was really fun. After I went home and did some cooking and baking which if I do say so myself tasted amazing.

I’m not famous yet, but I have made a Tik Tok account.


December 2020

With Christmas being around the corner, I wanted my family and friends gifts to be personal so I have been doing arts and crafts to send to everybody. I’ve also made the house all Christmassy and stocked up the cupboards with festive treats.

I don’t mind doing chores around the house, especially when my support worker is around. It gives us something to do. I went out for another walk and did some more forward planning to keep on track. After finishing my shift at the studio, I looked forward to my dinner and bed.

Another busy day but I took a walk down union street and took a detour up to Plymouth Hoe. After I admired the outdoors, I headed home for some lunch and did some more chores.

Normally I would have support today but instead, I went to the day centre where I sorted out various projects and had the chance to do a video call too.

I went to the Compton golf range to help get things in place for the new café in partnership with The Clipper on Union Street.


I think people with learning disabilities are finding it difficult being told to shield but it’s important for us to keep our chins up and keep going as we always have done so. Despite the difficult times, the learning difficulties community really can do anything.

Click here to listen live and say hello now!

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