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Local Exploring - The House That Jack Built

Today was yet another glorious day in our lovely city, what a day for exploring!

On Plymouth's historic Barbican lays an Aladdin's cave of fantastic small local businesses filled with interesting and creative shops bursting with colour, vibrance and fun!

Located on Southside Street you will find The House That Jack Built, situated between The Bottling Plant and Peardrops and opposite the iconic Plymouth Gin Distillery.

Today I had the pleasure of exploring the many units inside The House That Jack Built and also had the added pleasure of meeting many of the store owners (and pets!)

Everyone was so friendly and helpful, a really enjoyable place to be!

So, Lets Explore!

Nook Houseplants

Nook Houseplants are a houseplant shop and plant advice service located on the front of The House That Jack Built. Nook Houseplants opened last April and have been thriving and growing just like their awesome potted plants!

The one extremely useful tool that Nook have introduced is a houseplant care guide sheet, for those of you like myself who struggle to keep even a weed alive its an excellent information card detailing how to care for the plant you have purchased, if the plant is pet-friendly, to be kept in the shade or in the sunlight, the card also tells you how much of a "Drama Queen" the plant is going to be! How neat is that?

As well as a plethora of healthy, colourful plants and a great advice service Nook also handmake their own planters and pots and also offer a unique potting mix to keep your plants extra healthy and vibrant.

Head on down and see Becca and Nieve at Nook Houseplants for all of your houseplant purchasing needs and friendly, knowledgeable advice or check them out on their website or Facebook page.

The Original Fruitcakes

The Original Fruitcakes is a recent addition to The House That Jack Built selling funky retro, handmade and handpicked independent sustainable clothing.

Step back in time to the best of retro unique clothing and accessories in a beautifully decorated shabby-chic unit. Original Fruitcakes Owner or self-titled "Professional Fruitcake" Poppy Yeomans originally set-up shop in The Plot on Union Street and has expanded her collection moving to The House That Jack Built earlier this year and is loving the new location as well as her very cute fluffy assistant!

Come on down and discover some bright, vibrant and very stylish clothing, from dresses to headscarves and jewellery to retro footwear. You can find Original Fruitcakes online on Instagram and also on Depop.

The Tusken Trader

Take a step into a portal of geek sci-fi paradise in The Tusken Trader, This is definitely the droid you are looking for! A nostalgia invoking shop specialising in Lego, sci-fi, superheroes and film collectables!

From Original 1970's LucasArt Star Wars figurines to Limited Edition Top Trumps this is the place to get your nerd hat on. The Owner of the appropriately named Tuskan Trader, Graham Baker truly loves his sci-fi and collectibles, I could've stayed for hours looking through his arsenal of awesomeness coated wall to wall and even hanging from the ceiling!

A perfect place to pick up a gift for a friend or to treat yourself to a piece of film history, The Tusken Trader can be found also on Facebook and Instagram.

Top Secret Magic

Another fantastic unit to bring out your inner child and tickle your funny bones.

Top Secret Magic is a compact independent magic and joke shop full of tricks and gimmicks to entertain your friends and yourself!

Top Secret Magic's Owner and Magician Extraordinaire Mal Norton set up shop in The House That Jack Built over 6 years ago, Mal previously owned the magic shop on Western Approach, a shop that I frequented regularly after school on the way to the bus stop to pick something up to annoy/humour my friends. Its fantastic to see Mal at Top Secret Magic carrying on with his passion and still making people laugh with his wit and humour!

Top Secret Magic can also be found online on their website.

Kooky Castle

Kooky Castle, A quirky and colourful shop with some amazing gift ideas, for those with a sweet tooth and a good sense of fun and taste.

Inside Kooky Castle is a vast selection of awesome gifts! Plush soft toys, video game themed sweets, accessories and much much more, every corner is filled with different items you never knew you needed, but after seeing them you NEED to own them!

A really fun and interesting shop where I can guarantee you will leave with something you never knew previously existed...and be totally stoked with your purchase! Kooky Castle also offer "Mystery Bags" for those of you who like to be surprised, a very interesting and fun shop!

Kooky Castle can also be found on their website, Tik Tok and Facebook.

My Favourite Glass

A truly beautiful shop, My Favourite Glass is a custom glass painting gift shop creating some fabulously detailed and gorgeously designed and hand painted glass gifts.

Inside there is a great selection of hand painted glassware and ornaments in many eclectic and fun styles focussing predominantly on themes of nature and beauty.

My Favourite Glass have been creating some great gifts including hand painted drinkware, landscape framed glass paintings, gift bracelets, knitted keyrings and custom commissions for those who want something super unique and personalised.

There isn't an item in My Favourite Glass that would look less than brilliant at home, a very aptly named shop!

My Favourite Glass can be found online at their website and on Facebook.

What a great explore this was today, The House That Jack Built is a true gem within Plymouth's historic Barbican with quirky, fresh and friendly shops who are all doing something unique inspired by their passion for creativity and their industries.

It was fantastic meeting with the store holders today and I cannot describe how friendly and accommodating they are, not all units were open but a revisit is definitely on the cards as I thoroughly enjoyed checking this place out.

The House That Jack Built also contains the businesses:

Tree of Life Film and Photography

Little Box of Frogs

Metal and Mud (Coming Soon)

When you are next on the hunt for a gift, strongly consider The House That Jack Built as there is something for everyone here and your purchase will be supporting local small businesses enabling them to continue the amazing work they do and grow to reach their deserved potential!

Southside Street, Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2LA

Thank you for taking the time to read about this fabulous venue, its even better in person!


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