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Hungry Bear Coffee House: Grand Opening

The hungry bear bakery & coffee house will be holding its grand opening in Stoke tomorrow from 12pm, and will be open 7 days a week from 12pm - 9pm as a late evening bakery, filling that demand for coffee in the evening within Stoke village.

Photo: Left Justin - Right Ian

Photo: Ian

Hungry bear bakery like to source local from their drinks to their ingredients plus all their goodies being home-made by Ian & Justin themselves such as an amazing range of brownies & blondies which compliment a proper barista coffee.

They really do want to Keep It Local.

Why open so late? Ian told us that there is not where anyone can meet for coffee after the working day, that doesn't consist of a pub or bar, but also, where can you grab a fresh gooey brownie at 8:30pm to finish off your dinner?

The Hungry Bear(s) are hoping to be signing up to the home delivery platforms such as UberEats, Deliveroo etc.. so they can accommodate those sweet toothed people from the comfort o their own homes.

Their new coffee house that can be found on Stoke's main high-street just a few doors up from the Co-op is a non-judgment venue where anyone is welcome no matter what life has given you.

Photo: Left Ian - Right Justn

Photo: Left Trace - Right Justin

Photo: Peanut Brownie

We went along this evening for a VIP taster session and wow were we impressed, the brownies were delicious!

We took tasters of the Salted Caramel and the Peanut flavour brownies and we were not let down by Ian and Justin.

Some of you may recognise them both from their little market stall they had in the Panier Market earlier this year.

Why not go and pay them a visit? especially if you're planning to attend the Stoke Village Fun Day on Sunday 17th July

All Images by Omnium Radio CIC


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