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How the Plymouth Music Scene stayed alive during the Lock-Down

The Plymouth music scene has stayed very much alive during this 2020 COVID19 pandemic in the form of Virtual Open Mics. Both our very own Open Mic Show which before the pandemic took form of local musicians appearing LIVE from out Barne Barton studio, which then took to performing LIVE via mobile link on the regular Thursday Show at 4:30 - 6:30pm, which is also still ongoing. CHECK IT OUT!

How ever, one if the main ways the Plymouth music scene held on to its soul was by a group of friends taking to Facebook to form the Virtual Open Mic Nights Group. Filled with local (and not so local) musicians, performing via LIVE video three times a week.

Speaking with Kay Scoble front singer of popular band Ocean City Shufflers and co-founder of the group, It would seem that even after the pandemic is over and their regular Open Mic Nights in the various venues around Plymouth start up again, the group will stay and the Virtual Open Mic Nights should continue. The Virtual Open Mic Night LIVE streams have also been featured on Omnium Radio on many occasions, helping bring that sense of unity between LIVE performances and our audience that listen from home the good old fashioned radio way!

Here are some videos from this group - Enjoy!

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