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Emergency service helicopters spotted over City

We have received reports of an Air Ambulance circling the areas of Efford/Laira in Plymouth, before landing on a green space between Channel Park Avenue and Efford Lane. A Police helicopter has also been reported to be circling above the area.

We will endeavour to find out further information and update this story as appropriate.

UPDATE 20:30

A local resident has posted on the Laira and Efford Notice Board that there are also multiple Police vehicles in attendance.

UPDATE 20:38

This photo of the Cornwall Air Ambulance has been provided by local resident, Fay Elizabeth Evans.

UPDATE 20:40

A local resident, Sonya Grosvenor, reports that there has been an incident in Holmes Avenue.

UPDATE 21:00

The Cornish Air Ambulance has left its landing spot and seems to be heading for Derriford Hospital.

A photo still from a video posted on Facebook by Emily Bowler.

We still do not have any definite confirmation as to why the services were needed, although local residents have said that someone has been 'ran over' in Holmes Avenue. We will update further if and when we receive the information. If you do know anything, please contact me at

UPDATE 21:15

Confirmation by Devon and Cornwall Police that the incident was a collision between a motorcycle and a car but thankfully, there are no serious injuries reported.

UPDATE 21:30

Omnium Radio Desk has been contacted by an anonymous resident stating that the incident involved a local van driver and a female mortocyclist who was attending her bike at the time. The van driver has been spotted driving at speed previously around the area. The female motorcyclist has reportedly received an injury to her leg.

All of us here at Omnium and Janner wish the young lady a speedy recovery.

Michelle Walsh

Omnium/Janner Radio News Desk

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