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Butt, why would you do it?

Whilst waiting for a bus, after a radio show, I saw this and thought it is a very news worthy issue, and a problem you will see in many bus shelters across Plymouth and most likely the rest of the UK.

The main issue is that it is vandalism, if your look at the plastic, most of the marks are created by lit cigarettes

Some are made with what looks like a lighter flame, and you even see someone has used a cigarette to create the letters R.S

This to me is disgusting on so many levels.

If you look close to the picture, you will see a metal cable tie, has been removed , making the glass , less secure and bendy, which creates a serious health and safety risk.

I am hoping this does not happen, but can you imagine someone who is unstable on their feet or elderly leading on the plastic?; there is a fair chance they could go through it, and in doing so potentially break the plastic, which could cause serious cuts, and lascerations, if the plastic was to break.

What's you opinion on this?

Leave a comment below.

Send photos of your local bus stop vandalism to

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