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Police Present: Barbican Trashed With Litter

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Update: 25 June 2020 @ 19:09

Popular Plymouth venue delays opening due to Barbican mistreat last night.

Showing support to the public and stating that this behaviour is unacceptable.

Through the grape vine it has been reported that some venues are nervous about re-opening due to fears of these behaviours increasing as the laws around lockdown loosen.

Update: 25 June 2020@ 16:09

(Photo: Jon Hill)

A heavy police presence has been witnessed after a statement went out from the forces Twitter earlier today.

The council have also vowed to open more public toilets and implement more begins in the effected area.

This morning's clean up of the thousands of pieces of litter was reported to have been carried out by a Council Clean Up Team, Local Traders and some local residents.

(Photo: JoJo Moreschi)

Update: 25 June 2020 @ 11:54

Disgruntled Barbican residents have taken to Facebook to show the public what they woke up to this morning...

Multiple posts and comments asking;

Where was the clean up crew?

Who is responsible for the clean up?

Where were the authorities to ensure this didn't happen?

They want answers.

(Images: Sarah Campkin)

Councillor Kate Taylor took to Twitter to convey her opinion on this matter.

24 June 2020

With the flexibility of "take away" drinking down at the Barbican means that licences venues are able to serve alcohol to punters providing they move away from the serving venue...

This has brought hundreds of punters to the drinking hot spot.

This new take away rule has also encouraged punters to purchase from the local off-licence and bring their shop bought purchased to the hot spot.

This has caused a serious amount of littering into the water and street, even with the efforts from venues to clear up after the area after hours, and general cleaning up whilst maintaining safe social destancing for their staff.

Here are some images taken at 20:40pm this evening.

There is also no observations for social distancing in the area currently being obided to.

To add to this, with no access to toilets or sanitary stations, there have been reports of urination in the nearby streets to an accessible amount.

Amanda Louise Percival wrote on Facebook: "

It has been like this since Saturday, both men and women constantly p**sing under my windows. I’ve had to close them all but it’s so hot. There’s bottles being smashed, beer cans thrown everywhere and shouting and general mayhem everywhere and that’s just in my little bit of New Street. I’ve complained to the Public Protection team but not heard anything. There are no police around to do anything despite being rung by my neighbours. It is totally disgusting. I’m ashamed to be British right now 😡"

Where are the authorities to control this situation?

If you have any information about this article, please forward it to or text 07921686611

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