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An TAG!, onizing our community :(

It is amazing what people in my locality, have said to me re- what issues are of top importance in my locality (Keyham), and this one has to be in the top few subjects that always come up.

Although during these tough times, this issue may seem rather " low down " on the people's priority list. People have told me, the cost and upset caused by this continual wanton tagging have a huge effect on Communities, residents have also told me,that it also gives a very bad example of our City, for anyone coming into Plymouth, in either a business sense(to invest in Plymouth as a City), or to live and visit.

Take a moment to think about the cost of this damage, as it will take removing, which will incur costs of working labor, paints, and even fuel costs, for workers to drive to locations, thus polluting the environment even further. These are also concerns that have been raised to me. All these costs take away from what we can do to support our communities during these tough and uncertain COVID 19 times.

So, I investigated this issue, as the issue is very contentious at this current time. Below are 3 examples of " tagging " to various areas. The Community area picture is probably the most profound, as it has recently been re-painted, and is in a beautiful Plymouth park, which I believe recently received a facelift/local funding, to ensure it is a beautiful area for residents to enjoy.

Personal property

(Image: Lee Bur)

Community areas

(Image: Lee Bur)

Public lanes

(Image: Lee Bur)

Information sourced by Lee Bur and Emma Crookes.

If you are thinking what do I do to report, and make authorities aware of this issue?. Click Here.

Although reporting issues are a great pro-active thing to do ?. What is the solution? and the best way financially to tackle the problem?.

Should we have young Offenders working to put something back, by restoring the above to there original state?

Maybe the long-term unemployed could be paid, to restore the above?.

I would love your feedback on this issue

If, you have any information about this article, or idea's on how to tackle the issue.

Please contact

DJ Burlee / Emma Crookes.

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