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5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 - Janner Radio

Welcome to Plymouths newest commercial radio station

Janner Radio is having its 'soft launch' today, Monday 1st May 2023. Running alongside its sister station, Omnium Radio, which itself has a fan base of 4 years, Janner Radio will begin its life as an internet-based station before becoming mainstream D.A.B. Omnium will remain the community-focused station it has always been with Janner taking a more commercial route with regular news, weather and local traffic updates.

You will recognise some of the presenters moving to Janner such as Jonathan Brickell who presents The Piston Broke Show, Heidi Wallen and her ever-so-accurate horoscopes, Nige Tucker and the stations directors, Gareth 'Gruff' Baker and Trace Jared-Davis, plus many others.

The structure of Janner will be more formal, adhering to Ofcom regulations and standards, with the week culminating on Sunday at 7pm with The Chart Show.

Gareth 'Gruff' Baker will be taking the lead as manager of the newly formed Janner Radio team.

Omnium Radio CIC will continue providing its regular support to its presenters and members such as those that live with poor mental health and/or addition needs such as, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Depression & Anxiety. Omnium will also be used a training station for those who wish to progress onto D.A.B in the future.

This is a very exciting venture for Omnium Radio CIC and as always, your support is needed. Funds are continuously needed to keep the station and services running and even more so now that the future is D.A.B.

Omnium and Janner would fully appreciate any donations or fundraising events carried out with them in mind. Funds can also be raised by securing an advert slot on their website and/or radio. Check out the website for more details:

Anyone worldwide can tune in to Janner Radio from 7am on

Its clear to see how much time, effort, money, blood, sweat and tears has gone into preparing Janner Radio from Trace and Gruff. Their dedication and commitment is something to be admired and I am sure all presenters, volunteers, members and listeners fully appreciate it.

Well done guys for taking Omnium as far as you have and for progressing to this new adventure. Good luck for launch day!!

Michelle Walsh

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